Victor Sinclair: Tesoros Cubanos

Tesuros_CubanosSnob Rating:

Manufacturer/Line Vincent Sinclair ……… Ring Gage 50
Style  Churchill Natural Smoke Color  Light Gray
Filler  Dominican 1st Third  Smooth
Binder  Dominican 2nd Third  Smooth
Wrapper  Dominican Final Third  Smooth

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Victor Sinclair Tesoros Cubanos is a mild departure from other offerings from this particular vendor/manufacturer. This particular cigar produces a soft and light smoke volume and is mild and well-balanced in terms of the smoking experience and when smoking in the company of others.

The first, second, and third “thirds” of this cigar were surprisingly even in terms of the flavor and burn. This cigar may be best enjoyed with a glass of red wine and is a value smoke. Compared to the other offerings from Vicotr Sinclair, the Tescoros Cubanos provides a nice multi-functional cigar for indoor, outdoor, and general leisure.

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