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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Total Wine puts on various events at their different stores all the time. This was one of the first events that we decided to partake in. The cost for the “class” was $5 per person but prices vary by class. This one was worth the money we paid with just the free things that we got. They had a meat and cheese tray in the  back and everyone was given a bottle of water.


4 glasses were set up and each spot, 3 wine tasting glasses and your FREE Samuel Adams glass (Retail: $5.99 approx). Inside the glass was a pewter Curious Traveler Shandy bottle opener (Retail: $6.99 approx.).

When ever they were pouring the tasting, it was about a 4 oz sample per flavor. Here is an example of the size of sample that we got for every flavor.


Here are all the brews we got to sample during the spot light.


Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Shandy

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

Summer Ale


Rebel Rider

New World

13th Hour

Curious Traveler: Shandy

Curious Traveler: Grapefruit Shandy

Angry Orchard:Crisp Apple

Angry Orchard: Summer Honey

At the end of the class, the presenter finally went into the story of the uniquely styled glass that is specific for Samuel Adams. They spent 2 years working with MIT and 2 weeks of being cut off from the free beer supply, a glass was designed that helped keep the beer cool during consumption and help aerate the beer which provides for optimal flavor.


Overall, this was a very interesting class to attend. You definitely get your money’s worth in just what they give away not including all the sampling that you do. Take advantage of these classes.

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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