Tony’s NY Style Pizza


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FAIR LAKES, VA – Tony’s New York Pizza is a nice, off the beaten path place to go when you are looking for a good pizza.  They are located off in the corner of the Fair Lakes Shopping center near a GNC. This reviewer had to make a stop at another store in the shopping center and stopped off for something to eat. This place may appear small from the outside but there is a lot of room on the inside.


The staff are fairly friendly but not all that bright. The reviewer had to clarify the time that they were going to pick up the order. the person taking the order initially thought they asked for wine when they said they would pick up the order at 1:00.


Unfortunately, the pricing does not lead itself for the individual to order remotely. There was nothing on their site about by the slice until you get there.  This was a bit of a let down for the reviewer since they did not want to order as much as they did but a 16″ pizza for around $13 was not a bad price.  The additional selection did tempt the reviewer to come back and pick up on the spot at a later time.


Overall, whether you eat the pizza hot or cold, Tony’s New York Style pizza is flavorful and embodies the true essence of New York Style pizza. Great place to go for a quick meal or have cater your next casual business meeting. The pizza is not the best when you reheat it in a microwave.  Great selection along with great prices is what make Tony’s New York Pizza one of the top in the area!

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