Strongbow: Golden Apple


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Strongbow: Golden Apple Cheat Sheet

Brewer: Strongbow ……………. ABV:  5.0
Style:  Hard Cider IBU:  0
Color:  light Tan Flavor Profile: Fruity/Tart
Best Enjoyed:  In Summer Best Served In:  Glass
Best Served With:  Pies Opacity:  Clear

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This was a little bit of a let down for this reviewer. After sampling other selections by Strong bow, the lack of smoothness left a void that couldn’t be filled. This is not a stand out brew by Strongbow. The level of tart was a little bit of a turn off to the enjoyment of the beverage.

Overall, there is room for growth with this brew to make it stand out from all the other hard ciders that are already on the market.

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