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FAIR RIDGE, VA – This was a nice choice for a hectic drive home. Stone Hot Pizza has 3 locations but only 2 of them have the convenience of online ordering. It didn’t matter the location, the pricing is set in stone. The reviewer went to the Penderbrook/Fair Ridge/Fairfax location due to the convenience of getting in and out. The Alexandria location is nested into a busy intersection at Seminary Road and South George Mason Drive.


Above is the Penderbrook/Fair Ridge/Fairfax location. This one is conveniently located in a larger plaza near the Fair Oaks Mall and the Fairfax Towne Center. Parking was a bit tricky since there are a bunch of shops in the plaza including a Harris Teeter.


Here is what the inside looks like. Everything was relatively clean yet the same time, there was  no one there but that is understandable with the evening commute was just starting for the area not to one of the major arteries that feed into the highway that they are off of had 3 of 4 lanes shut down due to a traffic accident that night. From what the reviewer could see, the prep area was immaculate and they keep things well organized. The food was just coming out upon the reviewers arrival since the food was scheduled online. The reviewer ordered a Grill Chicken Fillet Sub and a Stone Hot Gyro Sub.

Grilled Chicken Fillet Sub


Stone Hot Gyro Sub

Overall, the pricing was very fair even without coupons. The reviewer paid $14.31 for 2 sandwiches and chips. Not to mention the meat on the one was a more premium with beef and Lamb than that of the other which consisted of just grilled chicken.

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