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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Star bucks has a pretty tempting offer when it comes to rewards. This program is free to join and the only caveat is that you need to have a loaded gift card to register. They have 3 different levels with their rewards program. You and be a regular member and get very few rewards, a green member and get rewards or you can be a gold member and get a lot of rewards. Here is the difference between the rewards.

Everyone starts out as a basic member and you get an occasional coupon but as you frequent Starbucks more often, the stars (purchases) are recorded to your account. When you hit the green levels you get a few additional perks but the gold member is where it is at. To obtain that level you need to have 30 purchases in 6 months. That works out to be 5 transactions a month or on transaction every 6 days. That doesn’t seem like much but you could be spending between $150-175 to reach that level.

Being a Gold member does have some pretty nice perks. One perk is the fact that you can get free refills on the day you purchase a coffee. So, in essence, you may buy one grande bold roast but end up with three depending on your ease of access to a Starbucks! That really isn’t that bad. Now to keep your Gold membership, you need to keep up the purchase once every 6 day average. So basically, 1-2 cups on the weekends and you will be fine.

Overall, this program has a ton of perks which makes kicking the caffeine habit a little harder to do but the savings is definitely worth it!

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