Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat


Snob Rating



Brewer:  Shock Top ABV: 5.1
Style:  Wheat IBU:  0
Color: Flavor Profile:  Mild
Best Enjoyed: Best Served In: Bottle/Perfect Pint
Best Served With:  Pretzels/Pretzel Chips Opacity: Clear

ALEXANDRIA, VA – If you could bottle a typical and much-loved bar snack, this would be it! The Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat provides the flavor of a bold wheat beer with the light crunch of a hard pretzel. This is also a limited edition folks, so your chance to grab this unique 5.1% ABV brew may be gone for the time being (sorry, but you have to get it when you can…… in all things!).

At any rate, the lightness to this beer along with the soft and quenching taste were quite surprising for a wheat beer. Typically, at least for this reviewer, the wheat experience has always been one of thick-tasting ales which made one feel as if they were drinking a meal. However, in this case, not so. If you’re looking for a nice introduction to wheat beers, this may be it for you. The only negative is that it does appear to be a limited addition so, you may need to visit a local retailer specializing in craft or microbrews to see if there is a wheat which may fit the similar flavor profile.

In terms of food pairing, this reviewer suggests enjoying the Twisted Pretzel Wheat with the popular bar snack or in chip form. Pretzel Chips are now becoming very popular and make a nice low-sodium and healthy hybrid snack to enjoy with the Twisted Pretzel Wheat – and the crunch of the Pretzel Chips brings out a greater crispness in the beer.  As always, enjoy responsibly!

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