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Altoona, PA – This is the final post from this location for now. As always, I stop and top off the tank at this family friendly gas station. What people don’t realize is that this is a privately own, family managed business with over 340 locations in more than 5 states on the east coast.


I am biased with this gas station because they have high standards of service. The restrooms are always clean.  They have a custom food ordering system. I know what you are thinking, food? at a gas station? Yes! Sheetz does it right. Not to mention they have a loyalty program (My Sheetz Card) which gives you free items not to mention a discount on fuel for your car. This keeps both you and your car going for relatively cheap. For the most part, the pricing is typical gas station pricing but They also have deals like 2 Hot Dogs for $1 and get a pizza and 8 wings for $10. For the most part, I have my select locations i visit but the main reason I go to those is because of convenience to where I typically at.

If you are looking for the hometown feel with fast, friendly service, Sheetz has it all!

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