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ALEXANDRIA, VA – I have not been part of the program for even a year yet and have already noticed how sting Sbarro is with handing out coupons. You might get a deal once every 4-6 months. The majority of the emails that are sent out are marketing emails or spam.  Here is an e


The pizza serve tends to be on the greasy side but is true New York Style pizza with overall good flavor. Plus the selection of pizza that is available is fairly decent no matter what location you visit. Without the deals, the food is a little bit on the pricey side but that is one of the main reasons, I joined the club because the price does not just quantity of food you receive.

There are only 2 real down sides I found with the program is the lack of locations in general. If there was more locations, the rewards program would be more worth it. It is not worth it (at least in the northern Virginia area) to fight traffic for 30-45 minutes to attempt to find a parking spot ad a crowded mall for a slice of pizza. Also, they don’t promote who;e pizzas with the coupons that are sent out. The coupons are typically for just a slice or just a small fraction of what you are going to spend during your trip.


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