Port City Tartan Scottish Ale


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Port City: Tartan Scottish Ale Cheat Sheet

Brewer: Port City Brewing ……………. ABV: 4.8
Style: Scottish Ale IBU: 0
Color: Redish Brown Flavor Profile: Medium Strength
Best Enjoyed: In Summer Best Served In: Pilsner Glass
Best Served With: Pasta or Red Meat Opacity: Middle Clear

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – All, I can think of here is Flower of Scotland (for those who don’t know of this staple of Scotland, YouTube it!

In a related review, I had quite a bit to say about Optimal Whit, a Belgian White offering from Port City (A local Alexandria brewery). Unlike Optimal Whit, the Tartan Ale is a moderate offering. I was expecting a bit more depth from this ale. I would suggest this brew as a stand-alone or with food. For those who enjoy Fish n’ Chips, I thin, this ale would be ideal. I know, I know, Fish ‘n Chips is debatable as an Irish, English, or Scottish thing but hey, take our pick and enjoy responsibly!

In my opinion, this ale is a nice departure for Port city as a microbrew and while it doesn’t give me flashbacks to Braveheart, it does provide for anice conversation piece is a good Poker Night option.

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