Port City Optimal Wit Belgian White


Snob Rating:

Brewer: Port City Berewing ……………. ABV: 5.0
Style: Belgian White Ale IBU: 0
Color: Yellow Flavor Profile: Bland/Weak
Best Enjoyed: N/A Best Served In: Red Solo Cup
Best Served With: Nothing Opacity: Cloudy

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – So, let me start this review by saying that I’ve been quite happy with a number of offerings from Port City (a local brewery here in Alexandria). However, I have to say that the Optimal White Belgian White was…. well…. just not what I was expecting.

Okay, wait, wait to all the haters out there who say “Belgian Whites are AWESOME!”, I don’t disagree with you. I simply thought that Optimal Wit would delivery more on the expectation. I think this is a brew that is suited for a very particular taste. I would not recommend with food. I think it is a stand-alone beer and I would simply suggest you know what you’re getting into when sampling Optimal Whit. It’s not a “pretty” beer given it’s cloudiness and presentation/pour but, to each his/her own. Enjoy!

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