Port City: Monutmental IPA


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Port City: Monumental IPA Cheat Sheet

Brewer: Port City Brewing ……………. ABV: 6.3
Style: India Pale Ale IBU: 0
Color: Medium Brown Flavor Profile: Heavy to Bitter
Best Enjoyed: In Fall Best Served In: Pilsner Glass
Best Served With: Red Meat Opacity: Medium Clear

ALEXANDRIA,VA -This was the first offering from Port city that this reviewer has tried. It was not a bad experience and this PArticular IPA would be best servered in Fall or Winter but could be served all-year round.

Based on the other offerings from Pot City, the monumental is probably the most bold in the reviewers opinion. While many IPAs are server in a broad wine glass, a pilsners is the best glass for this IPA.  This particular IPA has a dark flavor profile with a think leave in the glass. Although this was a bitter IPA, it is unknown if an IBU rating is available for this particular brew.

As far as an IPA, it is a nice level IPA. Not bad for a microbrew and can be enjoyed as a stand alone beer or with food. Enjoy!

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