Episode 43: The Last

In this episode of The Frugal Snobs Podcast, our open(s) for the episode are from Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington, Virginia and we hope you enjoy! This week, we discuss how to plan for situations in which you may be the last member of your team/group in your professional role. We also give out our Bonehead of the Week award along with discussing a few interesting nutritional facts and savings tips and tricks. Don’t forget to register at FrugalSnobs.com and if you haven’t already, subscribe to the show on iTunes or add us to your Stitcher playlist. While you’re subscribing or adding us to a playlist, be sure to leave us a 5-star rating and a comment – it really helps us out. Finally, be sure to take the PodTrac survey at FrugalSnobs.com to help us collect useful info which we use to help us to improve the show.

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