Pizza Di Parma


Snob Rating:

ARLIGNTON, VA – For a small business, Pizza Di Parma has a high quality and very friendly environment. The only issue that could be a problem is parking but for being a new and up and coming restaurant, this place has very good potential be around for a long time.

The overall food quality is definitely there! There was next to no grease on the items we ordered and we got a very good deal for the amount we paid. For under $18, we got a steak sandwich, 10″ cheese pizza and an order of garlic knots (6).



Overall, this place is a really good value for what you get. The food has very nice “Mom & Pap” feel to it with a rich flavor. The meats were cooked well and properly seasoned. The pizza was not overly sauced and you could feel chucks of tomato in the sauce for a real, authentic home made taste!

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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