Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory


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ALEXANDRIA, VA – This has been by far one of the worst places that we have gone to to review. Casa D’ Mama seems like gourmet compared to what we experienced here. The only reason we went there was to just check out the comments that have been posted since the comments have be controversial.
This review got off on a rocky start. When the order was called in, they initially wanted to charge us over $20 for an order that was actually under $16. The person on the phone who took the order had issues understanding what we wanted and I had to restate the order more than once.

When we got there, there was almost no parking there but there no one eating there. Getting out of the place was just as tricky as finding a parking spot. We waited  several cars before some one was nice enough to let us out so we could turn around to head back to our place.



Classic Cheese Steak



Meatball Grinder

When we opened the food, we were not all that impressed. There was not enough cheese on the “cheese” steak and the flavor was bland. There was also no onions or peppers. The Meatball & Parmesan grinder was caked with cheese with almost no actual meat. The cheese wasn’t even the right type of cheese and as soon as you took it off, there was next to nothing left.  The sadder part was the fact that the top was burnt and the bottom was soggy wet.

Overall, this is a place to stay away from if you have any respect for your pallet and stomach due to the lack of competency other workers employed.

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