Mike’s Margarita Strawberry


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Mike’s Margarita Strawberry Cheat Sheet

Brewer:  Mike’s Hard Lemonade ……………. ABV:  5
Style:  Margarita IBU:  o
Color:  Pink Flavor Profile: Sweet/fruit
Best Enjoyed:  Summer Best Served In:  Margarita Glass
Best Served With:  Stand Alone Opacity:  cloudy

ALEXANDRIA,VA – This was a nice refreshing mix coming from Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The flavor balance was just right with this brew. There was not a heavy syrupy taste unlike other lines by this brewer. This presented a mellowing factor.

Overall, this is a very light fruity brew which is perfect for summer. Any other season, it would be out of place. This also makes a nice introduction drink for the people who are new to the alcohol world.

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