Mike’s Harder Black Cherry Lemonade


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Mike’s Harder Black Cherry Lemonade Cheat Sheet

Brewer: Mike’s Hard Lemonade ……………. ABV: 8
Style:  Malt IBU:  0
Color:  Dark Red Flavor Profile:  Sweet/Tart
Best Enjoyed:  In Summer Best Served In:  Can/Bottle
Best Served With:  Hamburger/Picnic Food Opacity:  Dark Clear

ALEXANDRIA,VA – This was an interesting take on a hard lemonade. It is definitely a strong brew and you get your value when you get this in the mixed 6 pack. The flavor however has more a syrupy consistency to the point that it is like drinking cough syrup.

This is more of a teeny bopper brew where they demand more flavor and want the alcohol disguised so they do not realize just exactly thy ae drinking but want the buzz associated with drinking.

Overall, not a bad “harder” alcoholic beverage but the syrupy taste certainly an acquired taste.

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