Marzoni’s Stone Mason Stout


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Marzoni’s Stone Mason Stout Cheat Sheet

Brewer:  Marzoni’s Brewery ……………. ABV: 4.8
Style:  Stout IBU:  0
Color:  Black Flavor Profile:  Bitter/Bold
Best Enjoyed:  In Fall/Winter Best Served In:  Pilsner Glass
Best Served With:  Pizza or Red Meat Opacity:  Black

ALEXANDRIA,VA – As stouts go, the Stone Mason Stout apears to be traditional. This stout is however mild with hints of sweetness and a mocha flavor.

In terms of seasonality, it would most likely be best in winter and could use some additional depth. If you are looking for more of an Irish style stout, this is not it but i does offer more of a Porter style taste.

All in all, a decent brew but would require a specific setting and would require very particular food items to enjoy with it.

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