Marzoni’s Patchway Pale Ale


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Marzoni’s Patchway Pale Ale Cheat Sheet

Brewer:  Marzoni’s Brewing ……………. ABV: 5.5
Style:  Pale Ale IBU:  0
Color:  Dark golden brown Flavor Profile:  Tart
Best Enjoyed: In Fall Best Served In:  Bottle
Best Served With:   Cold Dishes/Salads Opacity:  Medium Clear

ALEXANDRIA,VA –  Patchway os a relatively light Pale Ale. Relatively medium flavor with no bitters to speak of.

This would be an excellent pale ale for fall and would be bet served with cold dishes such as pasta salad or a spinach salad. This would serve as a good stand alone pale ale. On the whole, Patchway Pale Ale provides a nice flavor and mild sipping experience for an ale and is tolerable with 5.5% ABV.

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