Marzoni’s Highway 22 Wheat


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Marzoni’s Highway 22 Wheat Cheat Sheet

Brewer: Marzoni’s Brewing ……………. ABV: 4.7
Style:  Wheat Ale IBU:  0
Color:  Light Yellow Flavor Profile:  Heavy Yeast/Bread-like
Best Enjoyed:  In Fall Best Served In:  Pilsner Glass
Best Served With:  Fried Food/Heavy protein dishes Opacity:  Medium Clear

ALEXANDRIA,VA – This particular offering Marzoni’s at first smell reminds of a turkey sandwich on wheat (mmmmm Turkey Sandwich). As with most wheat beers, the taste is heavy and like drinking a meal. So be aware of this prior to consuming with food.

This would make an excellent stand alone as well as with food. It has a very heavy bread quality taste and filling to the stomach.

All in all a good beer and redemptive beer for Marzoni’s.

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