Marzoni’s Avalanche India Pale Ale


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Marzoni’s Avalanche India Pale Ale Cheat Sheet

Brewer:  Marzoni’s Brewing ……………. ABV:  7.5
Style:  India Pale Ale IBU: 0
Color:  Dark Gold Brown Flavor Profile:  Fruity
Best Enjoyed:  In Spring/Summer/Fall Best Served In:  Bottle
Best Served With:  Savory food Opacity:  Semi Cloudy

ALEXANDRIA,VA – Interesting micro brew by Marzoni’s from Duncansville, PA. This particular IPA is light in color and taste. It is rather mild yet at the same time rather hoppy and would be best enjoyed with savory/rich foods and in the shade. This actually a very good stand alone beer if not served with food.  This is more of a flavor beer than a thirst quenching beer.

Nice attempt at an IPA but I wouldn’t say it hits the mark. For true IPAs I would suggest more traditional makers (Brewers who are known for their IPAs and darker colors). a preference for an IPA should be a darker brewed beer.

This is a good starter IPA however IPAs are an acquired taste so no two are typically alike. Overall, this is a good attempt but not was expected.

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