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SOUTH RIDING, VA – Manhattan Pizza is a rapidly growing pizza place in the northern Virginia area. Right now there are three locations and soon to be eight. This place recently underwent a major overhaul and it has less of a home town feel and more of a corporate feeling. It feels like a chain but it is still only a small business.


Their box box is just cluttered with things and it is just very busy overall.  Visually the box is an eye sore. But moving past the box and onto the pizza, it does have the New York Style look and it is fold-able. Fold at your own risk. This pizza is on the greasy side.




20150616_140446As you can see, the portion size is fairly large and you can also see the grease on the pizza. The picture above has been blotted to get rid of most of the grease. Overall,  not a bad taste after all the grease has been removed.

One of the nice things about the restaurant is the fact that you can order by the slice and not by the pie. This a decently priced place for a lunch. For 2 slices and a medium drink you should look to spend around $6.

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