Little Italy Ristorante & Deli


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CENTERVILLE, VA – Little Italy Deli started off on the wrong foot with trying this place out. When I ordered on, i made specific notes when I was going to pick things up and not to have the food prepared ahead of time. This reviewer got a call 45 minutes after the order was placed after the requested a 5:15 pick up. The restaurant had to remake the order for the proper time of pick up.

Getting to the location was not that bad. There was plenty of parking considering it was in a shopping center. Now when the reviewer got there, the order was not ready and they had to wait 15 minutes for the order. The reviewer ordered a Cheese-steak and a Cold Cut Sub.

The food was good quality and not greasy even with  the steak being cooked on a flat top. We were fortunate enough to watch the steak sandwich being made and  the flat top was really clear

Overall, it was not a bad taste with the food and it was worth the money that was spent. The negative about this place is the lack of attention to detail that the employees have for the online orders that come in.

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