Lindsay Collision

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SPRINGFIELD, VA –  As our Podcast listeners already know, unfortunately an irresponsible 17 year old slammed into the back of our car.  Unfortunately, dealing with this collision center was not the best experience that we have ever had.

The collision center agent that was assigned to our car was extremely hard to get in touch with. They never informed us that they had the same rental car company at their location so we could have gotten the car sooner rather than later.

When we  went to get a few things from the car, we found the producer’s ball gown on the floor with the spare tire laying on top of it. Other items were covered in dust. When we were finally able to get to the vehicle, the promised detailing to make up for the treatment of our things was spotty and they shoved things to cover up where they did not clean. Also, upon further inspection of our belongings, the car’s jack and tire iron were missing.

The overall work from the collision was really good. But if you need anything done with your vehicle, this is the place to go but make sure you do not leave anything in the vehicle or it might end up missing.

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