Ledo’s Pizza


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CHANTILLY, VA – Ledo’s pizza is one of the few pizza places that still uses the square style pizza.  The location,  that was chosen was the one in Chantilly, VA. Ledo’s Pizza is typically located in a shopping center.


Overall, they tend to be on the clean side. we have never been to a Ledo’s that was messy. The wait staff are pretty on top of their customers’ needs and when you dine in, you are really taken care of.


The pricing is slightly on the pricey side for what your are getting but the larger you go, the better value you wull get but that goes for almost everything you get in general.


The box is a nice customer box but the real question is why do they have to place ALL  their hype on the outside of the box? why can’t they let the flavor speak for itself?


The plain cheese pizza is slightly on the greasy side which makes us wonder about the quality of the ingredients because heat brings out the worst in ingredients in general. The cheaper the ingredients, the greasier the food is going to be.

Overall, Ledo’s is not a bad price for what you get. Slightly on the greasy side and is best if enjoyed in one setting but not the best for reheat.

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