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Snob rating

CHANTILLY, VA – This did not start out on a good note. When I called to place my order, I had to fight with the person on the other end of the phone for the “Carry Out Special”. He insisted the large was $8.99 when it clearly stated on their website that they have a “Carry Out Special” for a large cheese pizza for $7.99. I mentioned the online special 3 times before I got the online advertised price.


As you can see from the photo above, the restaurant is tucked away in a shopping center and it was NOT visible from the highway. I nearly missed the turn but I was quick enough to put 2 & 2 together to correlate where I was going. I there is a small off shoot alcove of parking for the restaurant and I was fortunate enough to get the last spot near the restaurant. After I pulled in, I could see why there is a “Carry Out Special”, there was almost next to no sitting area. I counted approximately 6 tables.


The box was the standard no name pizza box. So there was no distinguishing feature with the box and no flyers/ads were included to entice a return visit either.


The pizza itself was not greasy at all and had a very good flavor. The only down side was it was not fully cut through so it was hard to pull the pieces apart. With everything I went through, it was worth on the first bite. It was not a letdown and it had redemptive qualities. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether or not I will be returning due to the nature of how I was initially treated. It is obvious that the owner is tight with his money and it is a fight for him to honor his own specials.

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