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CHANTILLY, VA – We don’t know what is so “gourmet” about Italian Gourmet Deli but the pizza sure is not. When the reviewer arrived, their order was not even started after they ordered through Eat24.  The reason behind this is the fact they did not have the dough for the pizza and the pizzas were prefabricated cheese pizzas that they put their own toppings on. This was a let down for the reviewer hoping to get a decent pizza.


The only thing that was offered was to have 2 small pizza instead of a large pizza. The food in general was not all that greasy but the value diminished with accepting the 2 smaller pizzas over the large pizza.  On the bright side, a $2 off coupon was used for this order.igd-cookingarea

The over all cooking area was fairly clean. The first let down with the Chantilly location of Italian Gourmet Deli was the fact that the pizza was pulled form the over and just placed into the oven. The only fresh thing about the pizza was the fact that it was “freshly” heated. igd-pizza

The pizza was a let down also with the amount of cheese on it. There was far too much cheese for the reviewer to even enjoy. Overall, this place was one of the worst places that we have experience and we advise to approach with caution.

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