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ALEXANDRIA, VA – This is by far one of our favorite places to get groceries. The funny part is that is also one of the priciest grocery stores around. One thing you must do when you come to this store is have a game plan. Some people come here for all their grocery shopping which does not make sense but it is an awesome place if you come here foe the deals that they put on. On thing we love to shop for is their buy 2 and get 3 free. That is a 60% savings. The thing is you must but 5 to get the most value from the deal. if you only get 2, there is no savings since it does not ring discounted at the register, the only thing it does do it is ring up all the items and upon completion of the transaction, it subtracts the amount for each item over 2 up to the 3 free free and then restarts. Deals like this tend to have a limit of 10 total, not pay for 10 and get 15 free but pay for 4 and get 6 free. Here is an example of a possible deal you could find.

Other deals you can get are just savings. When certain holidays (Labor Day and Memorial) come around, you tend to see additional Buy one Get One sales. The other thnig you typically see closer to the holidays is major price cuts. As pictured below, You have a case of Yingling Beer that is typically at $23.99 for a 24 pack case but when the holidays come, the price dropped to $14.99 for the same case.



The catch with all the savings is you need to be a member of their “VIC” (Very Important Customer) program or you will be charged retail pricing for everything. This program is free to join and it is worth all the savings that you will receive!

For additional savings on select items, Harris Teeter has an option to opt in to receiving additional emails through their “E-Vic” program. This program program sends you 2 emails through out the week. the first one comes on Tuesday which is the general sales for the upcoming week which starts on Wednesday. Then the other email that comes out on Friday


The E-Vic is just an additional 8-10 items with deeper discounts and only people. Here is an example that they publish so people can see the additional savings that they will receive when they opt in to the program.


The final perk with Harris Teeter does come with a caveat. They do offer rain checks for items that are on sale but are not in stock. The caveat is the fact that they need to completely be out of stock (all varieties) otherwise, they will not issue you a rain check for the items. An example is recently, they had their HT Traders coffee on sale for the “buy 2 get 3 free” promotion and I couldn’t get the rain check since they had ground even though I wanted whole bean.

Here are just an example of our savings through out our trips to Harris Teeter!


Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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