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ALEXANDRIA, VA – I never thought that I would have to do this but I finally handed out the first ZERO rating. There are several reasons for this unfortunate event. First reason is the fact that they intentionally take up to 90 days to potentially paying the shopper for their time for completing their assignment. There is no reason why it should take such an extended amount of time once the work is completed.  Also, Goodwin Associates does not guarantee that the shopper will even get paid for their experience.

The second reason is the fact that I have done more than one shop and NOT been paid for all the expenses i endured to complete the assignment. For example, I signed up to do a mystery shop with a fellow mystery shopper and we completed the assignment together. Only one of us got paid for the assignment and we were out of $30.


Recently, I signed up via email for a shop (please see above image). Then with in the past 48 hours, I did a smaller mystery shop and my paperwork was not loaded to my portal, they yelled at me for not completing the assignment after i sent notice the paperwork was missing. the assignment was then canceled by them and I am now out my payment for the shop and the money that I spent to complete the shop. Please see email below.


Lastly, if something is not completed on time, Goodwin Hospitality is not that hospitable towards you. I have received emails threatening me to kick me out of the program when something that came up that prevented the completion of the shop. Here is a excerpt of the email i received.

“If we do not hear back from you today, we will be forced to reassign the shop.  IF this happens you will NOT BE PAID for this shop.  Failure to respond to this email will force us to DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT with us as a shopper.”

My closing thoughts are to stay away from this firm based on the experience that I have had. I am shopping aroung for another mystery shopping program and details are forth coming as soon as I have an update for you!

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail! Or Be Scammed!

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