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ALEXANDRIA, VA – With selecting Genova Pizzeria & Grill, we were looking for  simple and local place to deliver to us after a hard day of work. This place was selected because it was with in 10 minutes away. The reviewer ordered food before noon for a 6:30 pm delivery on Yelp’s Eat24 app.

The reviewer ordered a Beef Souvlaki and a Super Italian Sub with an order of French Fries.




We arrive home before 6pm and waited for the food to come. Around 6:40 pm, one reviewer called to check on the food and was informed the food was on its way and it was on its way. The food finally arrived at 7:00 pm. Unfortunately, the food did not arrive in the most optimal condition. The French Fries were soggy and both sandwiches had the bottom slit open.

When the reviewer called the back to the restaurant back t inform them of the condition of the food and they refused to assist and direct us to call Eat24 to handle the situation. Eat24 instantly offered a refund! After everything was handled the reviewers proceeded to eat what was  The food was overall was adequate but nothing spectacular.

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