Frugal Savings Week of July 29,2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This week we had another awesome week when I comes to savings. Overall with grocery shopping, we saved over 50%. With Harris Teeter, we would have spent nearly $50 but were able to walk away with spending less than $25 for 10 Wishbone Salad Dressings, 5 Jars of Ragu, 18 Eggs and Milk. Giant we only got pasta and for less than $7 we got 10 boxes of pasta.

The real icing on the cake is the brewery tour we were able to skip out on. The only reason we wanted to do the tour was to get the custom beer glasses to add to our collection.  We were very lucky that we could just go and purchase the beer glasses instead of having to go through the tour to get them. The money we saved was out towards a brunch for us at Perfect Pita (review coming).

Overall, this was not a bad week for savings and we were able to convert our savings to extra things to spoil us!

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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