Frugal Savings Week of July 1, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This week we had a fairly decent amount of savings when we went out. The first stop is where we saved the most. Can we say FREE? Yes, we walked into Harris Teeter and walked out without spending a dime and we came out with more than what we came in with! Since we are an E-Vic member, we were given a 5.8oz bag of Wheat Thins Toasted Pita (a $3.29) value and there was no purchase required.

After we went to Harris teeter, we transitioned over to Ross to see if they had any good deals. The big score that we found there was a close hanging shoe organizer that was discounted 60% from the original retail cost. Right there we saved $12.

The last stop for the weekend was at Total Wine and we made a Build Your Own 6 Pack of beer. Typically the BYO 6 Pack is $9.99 but since Total Wine sells their 6 pack based on the cost of the bottle. We spent $8.94 cents and saved over a dollar and for 6 different brews at the same time.

Last bit of savings was when I took my car for an inspection. Here is a tip that will really help save you some money down the road. Know your car and don’t be afraid to call an auto shop out on price gouging. I did that Tuesday when my car needed a lamp replaced that I could have done with a butter knife and the replacement lamp because I was the one that replaced the covers initially. The auto shop wanted to charge me $40 to change out the lamp but as soon as I called them out on the price, it instantly dropped to $28.

Overall, this was not a bad week in savings. We found some really good deals and even snagged a few freebies on the way!

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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