Frugal Savings: Week of June 25, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This week there was not that big of savings since the prior week we maxed out our budget and got fairly well stocked on the things we were running low on.

But there is something I can get you to think about, are the rewards programs really worth it? You need to be careful when to comes to rewards programs in general. Most of the time, they want you to think that you are savings but in the end, do you really need to spend the money to get the deal or can you wait for the next deal when you are truly wanting to splurge on something for yourself? For example, I could have ordered Lindt online this week with the sale they were running and the 15% off coupon they sent me but it was still cheaper to get the pieces I needed at the local grocery store.

In general, think about what you are spending and if you really need what you are about to buy and that will help keep your wallet in check!

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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