Freedom Isn’t Free IPA


Brewer: Heritage Brewing ABV: 6.2
Style:  India Pale ALe IBU:  n/a
Color:  Assumed Dark Flavor Profile:  Smooth
Best Enjoyed:  Year Round Best Served In:  Can
Best Served With:  Stand Alone Opacity:  Assumed Cloudy

Snob Rating:

ALEXANDRIA, VA – When it comes to an India Pale Ale (IPA), this reviewer had his doubts about anything that comes in a can. Canned beer is a throwback often to the days of light beer, PBR, Miller High Life, etc. HOWEVER, like the D.C. Brawl Corruption IPA, the Freedom Isn’t Free IPA delivers big for a canned beer.

This reviewer enjoyed the beer directly from the can. Immediately, you get a nice sound when you open the can, almost as if you feel like you got your money’s and curiosity’s worth. This, coupled with a nice “smoke” effect off of the can make the simple act of opening this beer intriguing.

Aroma is nice and floral as you might expect from an IPA, particularly one that is “hoppy” and the initial taste is one of immediate flavor and a smooth finish. The general drinking experience throughout is consistent with no let down, which is a pleasant surprise from a canned beer.

This reviewer would not recommend serving/paring this IPA with food as it may not blend well with the unique taste of this brew. If you’re new to IPAs, this may not be the best option for you as it does have more robustness than a typical Session IPA but if you’re graduating up to a stronger option for an IPA but still looking for option with a full-bodied drinking experience throughout, the Freedom Isn’t Free IPA might be just what you’re looking for. Enjoy Responsibly!

To learn more about the Freedom Isn’t Free IPA, listen to the audio review on Episode 38  of  The Frugal Snobs Podcast.

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