Fitting the Part: Women’s Body Type – Straight

This is probably one of the easiest bodies to dress. This body type has minimal curves and is smaller in stature. Overall this body type has smaller but same size bust and hips with a slightly smaller waist line. These women tend to be an “A” or small “B” bust size.

Dressing this body type is fairly straight forward (no pun intended). The main thing you need to focus on when dressing above the waistline is looking of r tops that accent your waist to give you an added curve appeal. This means to find pieces that are semi structured that accent your bust and also make it seem as if you have a smaller waist. Tops to accent properly include, large V/U neck, rushed tops, off the shoulder tops, and tops that you can add a belt to.

When dressing below the waist, you can choose is low or midrise pants and boot cut flared to add the appearance of having slightly larger hips. If you want to wear a skirt, choose something that adds a bubble effect to your hips. This will also give the appearance of larger hips. The key with skirts is to pair the volume of the skirt with the volume of your bust. It looks better on you when things are balanced out.

When choosing a dress, let color accent the curves of your body. Louder, more vibrant colors will help to accent the different curves on your body. Wearing a dress that create the illusion with color blocking is the best wat to wear something more subtle but also accent the curves in your body.

With the warmer months of the year, everyone want to look good in a swimsuit. If you are comfortable enough to wear a two piece suit, look for something with bold patterns and wide straps which will add the appearance of additional curves to your upper body. Ruffles will add additional volume to both your bust and hips. If you are a less adventurous lady, you can choose a one piece with either a cross-cross, cut out or an embellished front.

Some quick tips when choosing what to wear is to wear opposites. With that in mind, you can wear a light top with dark bottoms or a dark top with light bottoms since you can create curves with color as well. When picking a belt to go over your shirt the thicker, the better. This method helps pull in your waistline to give an appearance of larger hips.

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