Fitting the Part: Women’s Body Type Spoon

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This week we are getting into a recently added body type for women, The Spoon. This is more common with women that have had a kid or two but this is the new sweeping sensation.  This shape is a very “hippy” figure where the hips are the largest part of the body with visibly smaller waist and chest.

When looking for tops, you need to look for things with the empire waist (waist right below the bust) or tops that are off the shoulder. V Neck and boat necks also can work.  Tops with smaller mid section can also work wonders. Dresses follow the same guidelines as your tops.

When looking for bottoms, keep the embellishments away from your hips. You need to take attention away from hips.  pleated waistline is a big no-no. Straight legged bottoms or skirts wthouout gathingat the waistline are the best option for you. AVOID thick belts at all costs.

When the summer months roll around, choosing swimware is fairly simple. Choose light colored or  bold pattern tops to help draw the attention away from your hips. when bottoms and one piece suits, select something with a gathering from your waist down to slightly below the start of your hips to downplay your shape.

Finally, when you go to select a garmet choose lighter tops and if possible, darker around the mid section. choose clothes that draw attention AWAY from your hips.


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