Fitting the part: Women’s Body Type – Pear

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This shape is one of the more common body types that is out there. People who have the pear for a body shape have a small bust with a slightly smaller waist. Their hips are larger than the bust area. This gives them a slightly “hippy” appearance.

When you are dressing your body with a pear shape body, you want to bring the attention to the top but not over the top.  As far as shirts are concerned, embellishments around the shoulders help distract from the larger hips. Structured shirts help accent curves in the right ways and your new best friend is a padded bra. Your goal in selecting a top is to de-emphasize your hips.

As far as bottoms are concerned, you wand a light gather or A-Line skirts. You do not want to add too much volume with you pants or skirts. Simple stitching is best for people with a pear shaped body.  Always wear dark jeans with wash on them. This helps to keep things looking smaller than they actually are.

When summer rolls around, light colors and bold prints rule your body. If you opt for a one piece bathing suit, embellishments around the top is best. This way you are bring the eyes to the right level and distracting them from your hips.  Just like other bottoms, going dark is the best option even when it comes to swimwear.

When you want to be a little bit flirty and wear a dress, a wrap dress is one of the best options out there for you! Embellishments at the top go great for dresses as well! The neck should be a wide V or U shape to assist with drawing the eyes up and away from the hips.

Overall, with pear shaped bodies, the goal is to take the focus off of your hips and bring it up closer to your bust line.

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