Fitting the Part: Men’s Body Type Overview

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Alright men, we have not been ignoring you when it comes to your body type. Men’s body types are determined with less physical attributes than women’s which in turn makes it more simplified to discuss. Men, unlike women, have only 5 different body types. They focus on hip/shoulder/waist ratios. What really sets men’s body types apart from women’s body types (besides the obvious) is that length is more of a factor instead of width which goes beyond shirts and pants.
Length is a major factor with overall appearance and if something it too short, it will not compliment your body right. Unfortunately, this is something women can get away with. We are not supposed to see your socks unless you are wearing shorts. Tie length is another thing that does aid in your overall appearance. If future posts, we will also dive deeper into how to dress the various body types for men!
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