Fitting the part: Introduction


When you are looking to look better, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Dressing the part is key to anyone’s success but finding the right clothes that fit can be tricky. Not everyone is a size 2 anymore.

Getting the perfect fit anymore can also be tricky because each designer has their own measurements for what a particular size should be. Learning how each style and cut compliments your particular body is key. Different cuts contour your body in different ways, some for the better while others for the worse. For example, people with a larger than average body should not wear waist hugging garments like women with larger breasts should wear less button down blouses.

In the upcoming posts, we are going to explore both Men’s and Women’s body types along with what goes best with each style. As an added bonus, we will be giving you healthy recipes that will give your dinner menu a new flair if you are on the dreaded diet.

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