Fittin’ the Part: Women’s Hourglass

ALEXANDRIA, VA – O.K. Women, no one is without their flaws. Even people with this shape have their flaws with what they wear. Do not think that everything will perfectly fit your body type.

When looking for tops, look for more fitted/tailored tops. Cinched waisted shirts help accent things above the waist line. Think belts added to the shirt will also help accentuate the chest area. When selecting a belt to go with your top, choose the opposite. For example, when you are wearing a light shirt, select a darker belt and vice versa. Wrap shirts also help bring good definition to your waistline and bring out your chest and at the same time draw the eye to the hips as well.

When selecting slacks, you are best suited in high waisted slacks since the waist line aids in pulling in your waistline. The style that best fits your body is either boot cut or straight and it is your choice as in what you wear.

Now, when summer comes rolling around, you are going to not mix and match your swim suit. When selecting a swimsuit, you need to make sure that you have a nice balance of ruffles and padding. This goes for both the 1 piece and the 2 piece suit. Having a strap that goes behind your neck is ok but it would be better if you did have 2 straps that were well balanced on your shoulders.

The main tip that we can offer as far as dresses are concerned is accentuate your assets. Wrap dresses are just like wrap shirts. Also, look for dresses that bring in a natural waistline.

Color blocking is your friend and let the colors enhance/define your body with the patterns that they have in the material. When selecting accessories to wear on your body, outside jewelry, inverted color schemes i.e. light top dark belt work best for this body type.

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