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FAIRFAX,VA – This was a little bit of a drive for us but it was a new adventure. We arrive about a hour into service on a Saturday morning and the placed was pretty packed. We waited about 20 minutes to get seated. Our server came and offered us coffee but wouldn’t tell us the price so we had water.

Unfortunately, our server did not pay too much attention to detail when she finally brought the water. I poured out the water and the one glass had a gnat in it which was a major disappointment considering we had to ask for something to drink since we did  not want coffee at this time. Please note that not everything on the menu has a price associated on the menu with Coffee being one of those items.


We placed our order along with a new pitcher of water after explained what was found in the water. We had to make more than one request to get a new pitcher of water before it arrived.It took about 20 minutes for the food to come. The sandwiches are definitely worth the value but the salads leave more to be desired. Usually, you are looking to have more of the base left over but it is the opposite here. There was plenty of toppings left for the salad and not enough base to handle the toppings.




   Pecan Dijon

The second visit, the following day, was by far much better than the first visit. Our server was a lot more outgoing than the previous one and our food was better proportioned. The Chicken Palermo might seem small but it is definitely very flavorful and filling. The only downside to this visit is the soups didn’t chnage but that is a very small detail. the food quality definitely improved from the previous visit and the service was much better. Sometimes places need a second shot but others do not. In this case, the second chance redeemed our opinion of the restaurant.

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 Chicken Palermo  Monteray Club

I would definitely come back to this restaurant only if I coupon since it is a chain. The food is worth the value they charge. The best time we have experienced to visit is Sunday mornings.

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