Episode 71: Being Frugally Polite

Recorded: 10/02/2016

Description: In this episode of The Frugal Snobs Podcast, we discuss the necessity of helping others but only to a point in your personal and professional life along with giving out “Bonehead of the Week” award. We also talk about our latest coin finds, review a few products, share a few stories, and talk about what’s in store as we come closer to wrapping up the year.

Review Ratings:

Thompson Cigars “La Salle” – Cut: Toro (6 inches), Ring Gauge: 50, Type: Natural, Smoke Level:light/Low, First Third: Mild, Second Third: Medium, Final Third: Medium

Snob Rating:

Thompson Cigars “Toro Bravo” – Cut: Toro (6 inches), Ring Gauge: 50, Type: Natural, Smoke Level: Moderate/Heavy, First Third: Bold, Second Third: Bold, Final Third:Bold

Snob Rating:

Starbucks Chapas: Blend: Light, Type: Seasonal, Body: Medium, Acidity: Medium

Snob Rating:



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