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ALEXANDRIA, VA – This service has been a life saver when we don’t want to cook. Besides randomly giving you discounts on your order, this service is very simple to use. The best part is you can actually schedule the food to be delivered at a certain time so you can easily plan ahead and take advantage of coupons before they expire. Today we saved 11.41% on our order and that does not even include the other coupons that we have received. It costs absolutely nothing to join and the benefits are worth it.


This program easily lets you create your order and keeps a running total on the side so you about what you spent. Plus adding the coupons for additional savings is very simple. Eat 24 has a huge selections of places to pick from and there are 2 ways to find your food, by distance of type! We definitely recommend this program to save money and keep your life a little more stress free.


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