Dunkin Doughnuts: DD Perks


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ALEXANDRIA, VA – It is fitting that this comes on National Doughnut Day. Dunkin Doughnuts has 2 ways to enjoy their rewards programs. you can get rewards just by having a gift card but you never know when there is going to a reward and the other part of the program has extra perks for the smart phone users. Smart phone users gets extra promotions when they download the app. Sometimes it is on baked good but it is mostly deals on their coffee. The extra rewards come about 2 times a month and you get a notification on your phone to check the app. The best part about using your smart phone is there are no coupons that you need to remember to bring with you. There is only one thing you need to do when you register via the app, you must have an active gift card with money on it to register. Here is what the App looks like.


In true Frugal Snob fashion, here is where you can get your free doughnuts! So, even if it is not a national holiday, just as long as you have your phone with you, you will have your rewards!

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