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ALEXANDRIA, VA – This is a rewards program that we have participated for over a year. They send out about 3 plain marketing emails for every coupon that they send out.  The emails come about once every other week so the emails are not flooding your email box which makes things nice.  This program for us just seems to be out of sync with when we get cravings for Denny’s  so most of the coupons are not used. Here is an example of a coupon that I have received in my email.Dennydealsample

Denny’s is fast food diner style n. One thing you need to keep in mind is that there is going to be grease but the levels vary based on what you order. Also, depending the time of day that you visit, you might get a cross flavor mixed into the food you ordered. I have noticed that sometimes the hash browns have a bit of a beacon flavor. Typically the food is prepared well.

The only warning that I have goes for any restaurant. You need to be careful with the server you get and that is typically a pot luck unless you are a regular.


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