D.C. Brawl Corruption IPA


Brewer: DC Brau ABV: 6.5
Style:  India Pale Ale IBU:  0
Color:  Assumed Medium Flavor Profile:  Smooth
Best Enjoyed:  Year Round Best Served In:  Can
Best Served With:  Stand Alone Opacity:  Assumed Clear

Snob Rating:

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The D.C. Brawl Corruption IPA was a nice surprise to this reviewer. As anyone who has read some of the other reviews here at FrugalSnobs.com, canned beers are received with a degree of skepticism; however, the D.C. Corruption IPA made a believer out of me.

The 6%  ABV on this brew allows it to sit just at the edge of a Session IPA, which is great for any enthusiast of lighter-side brews but who still wish to get into IPAs. For anyone who is a seasoned IPA drinker, this is a nice departure from a classic bottled or draft IPA.

Given that FrugalSnobs.com is a D.C. metro-based project, it gave us a chance to showcase a local microbrew with a smooth and balanced taste and to show more of what Washington D.C. is capable of outside of serving as the heart of the national government. Speaking of government, you’ll be pleasantly entertained by the “corruption” facts that you’ll find on the side of the can. So, you’ll be able to unwind and to learn simultaneously, so it’s a win-win and you’re supporting a unique craft brewery.  Enjoy responsibly as a standalone if you wish or with light snacks. You also have the option of enjoying out of a chalice or as this reviewer did, directly out of the can served highly-chilled.

To learn more about the D.C. Brawl Corruption IPA, feel free to check out Episode 36 of The Frugal Snobs Podcast.

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