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Washington, District of Columbia – This was definitely a nice place to visit. There are only 3 locations (1 in Harlem section of New York, NY and 2 locations in Washington, DC) which makes it a unique place to visit when you are looking to get something simple for yourself to eat.  The pizzas are made right infront for you and made to order just the way you want. Finding the place was a little on the harder since everything looked so compact and shared an address with other venues but inside there was plenty of room if you wanted to have a sit down meal.

With the amount of volume that goes through the location that I visited, it was relatively clean, napkins were stocked, tables were clean and everything was in general in a good order.  This restaurant has a strong New York Style Pizza feel as soon as you walk in. It has a nice “Mom & Pop” pizza joint feel and there is a light essence of rustic with the décor featuring items from the 1960’s.


When ordering your food, you need to work your way to the back. As far as pizza is concerned, they have 2 different options for the crust, whole wheat or white. After you make you selection, there is a huge selection of toppings that are available. Each topping has its own scoop so there is no cross contamination of toppings.


After all the toppings that you would like to have on our pizza are added, your pizza is placed into the oven. Surprisingly, it does not much time waiting on the finished product. I waited not even 5 minutes and out popped my finished pizza. It wasn’t doughy and everything was perfectly cooked. Not to mention, the pizza was not greasy.


As you can see from the picture, the pizza is a 6” by 12” rectangle and the topping get close to the corners. At first the pizza didn’t seem to be too saucy but towards the middle there was slightly too much sauce but that is definitely not a deal breaker when looking for a decent pizza place. There was just the right amount of cheese. When the pizza was pulled from the conveyer belt, it can either be placed into a box for take out or placed on a metal tray for dining in. The pizza is filling even though it might not seem at first glance.  The pricing is very reasonable for the area. For a plain cheese pizza it will cost $6.57. Then you can get the add on for additional toppings for $1.90 to add up to 4 toppings.

If you are looking for a healthier option, they do offer a salad selection but they are not as easy to customize like pizza option is.

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