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ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – Recently, a local cigar store, Cigar Palace, was kind enough to provide a few sample cigars from their private label collection including three of their Signature cigars. I’d like to send my thanks to Cigar Palace and my impressions on the cigars and the establishment are below.

in terms of the cigars themselves, I received three natural and three maduro smokes. For those who may be starting out in the cigar game, a natural cigar has  the traditional/familiar brown color while the Maduro cigars often exhibit a darker color (black or almost black). The samples were of a nice variety.

In terms of flavor, I’ve sampled the natural cigars which also have a medium ring gauge (about 52 to 54) and I believe the wrapper (the outside leaf for all you home gamers), binder (the binding leaves holding in the filler), and the filler (you’re smart, you get it :)) are all form the Dominican Republic (DR). The burn on the naturals has been consistent and I’ve noticed different taste to each cigar when lit with a match versus a lighter – The cigars have a “woody” or “nuttiness” to them if lit with a match. When lit with a lighter, you may get more of a “chemical” taste so beware!

Ultimately, the cigars are “adequate” thus far in my opinion as a frugal snob (it’s a lifestyle, right?). I’ve also purchased other cigars from Cigar Palace. For those who are looking for a traditional Cigar Lounge experience, you may not find it here. While there is a lounge above their location for smoking, there isn’t an active bar serving beer, wine, or coffee so that would b ea nice touch. However, with their club membership, you would gain access to the lounge for special events which is a plus.

In the end, I’d say cigar palace is a great place to buy a single cigar or sampler pack for someone starting out in the game but, for a more seasoned smoker, it may not be the best for you but as always, there is always something interesting you may find in their walk-in humidor.


That’s it for this time folks!

Remember, Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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