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CHANTILLY, VA – This has probably been one of the more inexpressive trips I had had to make for lunch and it was obvious as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. The restaurant was nested in the business park and there were not a lot of businesses around. Being honest, I was a bit timid to walk in to pick up my lunch. The place seemed to be in much disarray and there could even be some health issues considering how things are just lying out. The place definitely looked cheap.


As you can tell by the photos, the tables outside were missing the side pieces and seemed pretty broken down. They are not even complete tables since the sides of the tables are torn off. Not to mention, the trash can is a bright orange cloth sack. From the outside, this place looks pretty ghetto.


After I went in, I saw there were bags of flour, cans of sauce and cases of bottled soda to the left hand side just sitting on the floor. There was 5-6 booths for people to sit at and it was in general a pretty tight location for a restaurant. When I was there, no one else was there. It seemed as if it was a mom and son operation since there was only 2 people there when I arrived.


The box was a generic pizza box. It did seem sturdier than the other pizza boxes I have handled recently.  As soon as I sat the pizza in my car, I noticed a weird scent coming from the box. I opened it up to inspect things but there was nothing out of the ordinary so I closed the box and went back to work.


I ordered the lunch special for $5.99 for a personal cheese pizza. It looked like it was an 8” pizza. The pizza was greasy, the cheese was semi clumpy and the cuts were extremely unevenly cut. The grease levels were near intolerable. It had good flavor but the grease was a hindrance to my enjoyment.

Over all, I am highly concerned about the sanitation of this restaurant.  I would not be back considering the visible health concerns of its present state.

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