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CHANTILLY, VA – Kudos to the awesome logo but that is the only thing that I can really say that was awesome about this pizza joint. I visited on 5/11/2015. The shopping center where this restaurant is located was packed and it was extremely had to find a parking spot. From the outside, it looks like it is a fairly big location but as soon as you walked in you saw the mirrors and realized it was nothing but “smoke & mirrors” for the size. This place could easily get packed and for the average consumer to either wait for a seat or change to carry out.
As I approached the ordering counter, I could see they had a wide variety of single slice pizzas available. I keeping everything the same so I ordered 1 thin crust and 1 Sicilian plain cheese slices to go.
It took 10 minutes for both slices to be cooked. Unfortunately, they pulled my thin slice piece ahead of my Sicilian slice and it was glacial by the time I took a bite (only 5 minutes from leaving the restaurant). The thin slice was not foldable and they call it “NY Style” pizza. I had to tell the people working the counter more than once that the order was for takeout and one left one of my slices sitting on the counter and it got cold.
The Sicilian slice was smashed against the box and upon my attempt to pull it out of the box about 1/3 of the cheese stuck to the box which was a slight let down. Much to my dismay, the Sicilian was NOT fully cooked and I could only take 2 bites before I gave up since it tasted like I was eating raw dough.
I must give them credit for the originality on the box since other small pizza places just use a generic box. They took the time to at least take the extra step to step it up as far as name branding is concerned.
As far as pricing was concerned, it was decently priced. For the 2 slices of pizza I paid around $4.50 after tax which is not that exuberant. Unfortunately, that is not enough to get me to come back since I was not satisfied with the food quality at all.

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